Hull Children First Approach to Social Work Practice

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Following on from our Wider Leadership Meeting on 19th November please find herewith the presentation on our practice model, The Hull Children First and the practice model document. Congratulations to Richard Roberts for coming up with the name, ‘Hull Children First.’ It depicts our vision and promise to put children first in our practice! Please share this with your Teams that in Hull we now have our own practice model, a consolidated reclaiming social work approach rooted in systemic practice which also takes the best from strengthening families and signs of safety. The key message is we will assess risk ‘authoritatively’ to keep children safe! We are currently creating wall and business card- size posters to publicise our model. Whilst this process is in progress feel free to make suggestions for strengthening our model.


I am happy to come and support conversations in your service areas.





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