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Autism Practice Guidance 27/11/2017 Last reviewed 29/06/2023
Cancer Practice Guidance 27/11/2017 Last reviewed 29/06/2023
Dementia Practice Guidance  27/11/2017 Last reviewed 11/10/2023
Parkinson's Practice Guidance 27/11/2017 Last reviewed 11/10/2023
Profound and Multiple Learning Disability (PMLD) Practice Guidance 13/03/2018 Last reviewed 26/01/2024
Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Practice Guidance 13/03/2018 Last reviewed 26/01/2024
Stroke Practice Guidance 27/11/2017 Last reviewed 29/06/2023
Other resources  
Working with Adults with Acquired Hearing Loss Published 14/05/2018 (BASW) 
Care and Support for Deafblind Children and Adult Policy Guidance Published 2014 (Department of Health)
Good Practice Guidance on Working with Parents with a Learning Disability Published September 2016 (Working Together with Parents Network)
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Guidelines for Social Workers in England Published June 2018 (DoHSC)
NHS: Health A-Z NHS website
NHS: Mental Health Conditions NHS website
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Allocation Support Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Contact or Referral Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Team Suitability Decision Support Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
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Wellbeing Domains 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Advocacy Decision Support Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Care and Support Plan Sign Off Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Ordinary Residence Decision Support Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Urgent or Interim Support Decision Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Other resources  
Proportional Assessment Approaches: a guide from the Chief Social Worker and principal social workers Published August 2023 (DoHSC)
Ordinary Residence Guidance Published August 2018 (LGA and ADASS)
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Financial Assessment and Charging FAQ Response Support Tool 12/07/2022 Last reviewed 13/02/2024
National Contacts for Adult Care and Support 06/03/2019 Last reviewed 15/11/2023
National Organisations with Information and Advice Helplines 06/03/2019 Last reviewed 29/06/2023
National Contacts for Key Agencies and Organisations 19/11/2018 (online)
Other resources  
Assessment and Care and Support Planning  
What to Expect During Assessment and Care Planning: A Quick Guide Published 2018 (SCIE and NICE)
The Milk's in the Oven: A Booklet about Dementia for Children and Young People Published 2005 (Mental Health Foundation)
What is Dementia? (guide for children) Alzheimer's Research UK
Mental health  
How to Look After Your Mental Health Publish date not known (Mental Health Foundation)
How to Look After Your Mental Health In Later Life Publish date not known (Mental Health Foundation)
How to Look After Your Mental Health In Prison Publish date not known (Mental Health Foundation)
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Review Conversation Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Understanding Needs Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Understanding Wellbeing Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Understanding You Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Other resources  
Six Tips to Help You Have Difficult Conversations Publish date not known (Halo Psychology)
Tips for Coping with Difficult Conversations Published 2023 (Community Care Inform)
Evidence for Strengths Based and Asset Based Outcomes: A Quick Guide for Social Workers Published 2019 (SCIE and NICE)
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CareCubed Aide Memoire 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Other resources  
Hospital discharge  
Hospital discharge and community support: policy and operating model Published 05.07.2021 (DoHSC)
Discharge to Assess Quick Guide Publish date not known (NHS England)
High Impact Change Model Updated July 2020 (LGA)
Home First: Discharge to Assess and Homelessness Updated 25.03.2023 (LGA)
Guidance: Discharging people at risk of or experiencing homelessness Published 26.01.2024 (DoHSC)
Learning Disability  
Helping People Thrive Published March 2020 (Learning Disability England)
Understanding Autism with Children, Young People and Adults Published 02.04.2024 (Research in Practice)
End of Life-learning disability   
Palliative Care for People with Learning Disabilities web-based resource
Mental health   
Mental Health Code of Practice Published 2015 (Department of Health)
Statutory Guidance: Discharge from mental health inpatient settings Published 26.01.2024 (DoHSC)
The Community Mental Health Framework for Adults and Older Adults Published 2021 (NHS/Royal College of Psychiatrists)
Final Demand: Debt and Mental Health Published May 2023 (Mental Health & Money Advice)
Occupational Therapy   
Legal Framework for Equipment Provision Guidelines Published February 2016 (London Borough Occupational Therapists Management Group)
Preparing for Adulthood: The Role of the Social Worker Published July 2019 (SCIE)
Reablement web-based resource (SCIE)
Dignity in Care web-based resource (SCIE)
Being an Appropriate Adult-an independent guide Feb 2022 (National Appropriate Adult Network)
A quick guide for appropriate adults Feb 2022 (National Appropriate Adult Network)
Being an appropriate adult video Feb 2022 (National Appropriate Adult Network)
Care and support and homelessness: Top tips on the role of adult social care July 2022 (LGA & ADASS)
Older adults  
Older LGBTQ+ people and social care March 2024 (SCIE)
tri.x resources  
Action Planning Tool 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
Balance Sheet for Risks and Benefits 11/10/2017  Last reviewed 15/11/2023
These guides have been developed jointly by NICE and SCIE to provide key information about social care topics in a concise and quick-to-read format. Evidence-based recommendations and guidance to support professional decision-making in adult social care.
Good information and advice Supporting adults and carers 
What to expect during assessment and care planning People's experience in adult social care services: improving the experience of care and support for people using adult social care services
Understanding intermediate care, including reablement Supporting adult carers 
Better home care for older people  
Strengths based practice Safeguarding adults in care homes 
Evidence for strengths and asset-based outcomes  
  Mental Capacity 
Safeguarding Decision-making and mental capacity
Recognising and responding to domestic violence and abuse  
Creating a safeguarding culture: a quick guide for registered managers of care homes Learning disability and Autism 
  Learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges: service design and delivery 
Hospital discharge Care and support of people growing older with learning disabilities 
Transition between inpatient hospital settings and community or care home settings for adults with social care needs Mental health problems in people with learning disabilities: prevention, assessment and management
Learning disability and Autism Dementia  
Enabling positive lives for autistic adults Dementia: assessment, management and support for people living with dementia and their carers
Person-centred future planning  
Arranging services for people with a learning disability and behaviour that challenges Homelessness
  Integrated health and social care for people experiencing homelessness
Dementia-discussing and planning support after diagnosis End of life 
  End of life care for adults: service delivery  
Older adults  
Promoting positive mental wellbeing for older people Provider services (incl reablement and intermediate care) 
  Intermediate care including reablement 
Provider services (incl reablement and intermediate care) Managing medicines for adults receiving social care in the community 
Intermediate care and hospital to home Chronic pain in over 16s 
Promoting independence through intermediate care  
Moving between hospital and home, including care homes Mental health and substance misuse 
Prevention Transition between inpatient mental health settings and community or care home settings 
Helping to prevent winter deaths and illnesses associated with cold homes Alcohol interventions in secondary and further education 
Helping to prevent pressure ulcers Preventing suicide in the community and custodial settings 
Helping to prevent infection Mental health of adults in contact with the criminal justice system 
Improving oral health for adults in care homes Depression in Adults: treatment and management 
Recognising and preventing delirium Self harm: assessment, management and preventing recurrence
Medicines Coexisting severe mental illness and substance misuse: community health and social care services
Discussing and planning medicines support  
Effective record keeping and ordering of medicines Complex needs
Giving medicines covertly Social work with adults experiencing complex needs 
Advance care planning  
Advance care planning Transition
  Transition from children's to adult's services for young people using health or social care services
Supporting people who provide unpaid care for adults with health or social care needs  
Building independence through planning for transition  
Primary legislation Social Care in Health legislation
Care Act 2014 Health and Care Act 2022
Mental Capacity Act 2005 Community Care (Delayed Discharged etc) Act 2003
Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019 Health and Social Care Act 2012
  Health and Social Care (Safety and Quality) Act 2015
Safeguarding and Criminal legislation National Health Service Act 1977
Domestic Abuse Act 2021 National Health Service Act 2006
Crime and Disorder Act 1998 Section 47 NHS and Community Care Act 1990
Criminal Justice Act 2003  
Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 Transitions (young people and carers)
Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 Children Act 1989
Modern Slavery Act 2015 Children Act 2004
Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003  Children and Families Act 2014
  Children and Social Work Act 2017
Mental Health legislation  
Mental Health Act 1983 Other relevant legislation (in alphabetical order)
Mental Health Act 2007  Autism Act 2009
  Care Standards Act 2000 
Human Rights and Equality legislation Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970
Equality Act 2010 Down Syndrome Act 2022
Human Rights Act 1998 Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 Homelessness Reduction Act 2017
UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996
Public Sector Equality Duty Immigration and Asylum Act  1999
  Local Government Act 2000
Data Protection and Information Sharing Local Government and Housing Act 1989
Data Protection Act 2018 Localism Act 2011
Freedom of Information Act 2000 Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984
  Public Interests Disclosure Act
Carers legislation Social Work Regulations 2018
Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004  
Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995  
The following organisations provide information on all judgments made in English courts.
BAILII: Case Law
Courts and Tribunals Judiciary
Supreme Court: Decided Cases
The following organisations provide summaries and guidance on case law following the latest judgments. You can sign up to receive notifications directly or search their archives.
Mental Capacity 
Court of Protection Hub
39 Essex Chambers: Mental Capacity Cases
Mental Capacity Law and Policy
The Care Act
Mental Health
Mental Health Law Online
Other useful sources of information
Community Care Inform for Adults: Case law knowledge and practice hub  (login required to access all content)
Research in Practice (login required to access all content)
SCIE: Care Act resources
Department of Health & Social Care website
Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman: Adult care services decisions
Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman: Review of Adult Social Care Complaints 2022-2023