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Title: When Inserted:
Policy, Values and Principles  
Practice Standards for Conference Chairs and IRO's January 2019
Practice Standards for Social Workers January 2019
CFS Relationship Based Practice Framework September 2019
Practice Framework Narrative March 2020
WB Domestic Abuse Strategy 2020-2023 July 2020
Early Help  
WBC Early Help Strategy and Offer 2021 March 2021
My Family Plan - Guide April 2021
My Family First Menu April 2021
Contacts and Referrals  
WB Threshold Guidance Booklet December 2020
WB Threshold Guidance 7 Minute Briefing December 2020
Threshold Guidance Poster March 2020
Children's Social Care - Assessment and Planning  
Case Transfer Process and Standard March 2020
C&FS Single Assessment Standards Version 1.4 May 2020
C&FS (CAAS) Enhanced Operational Procedure to identify children who may be at risk of harm from domestic abuse October 2020
CAAS Newborn or under age 1 enhanced triage procedure June 2020
CAAS Newborn or under age 1 enhanced triage tool June 2020
CAAS Process October 2020
CAAS Unborn enhanced triage procedure June 2020
CAAS Unborn enhanced triage tool June 2020
MASH Process October 2020
Family Safeguarding Service  
Family Safeguarding Model On a Page July 2018
Family Safeguarding Model Leaflet October 2017
FSM Parenting Assessment Template September 2019
Motivational Interviewing for Managers October 2017
Cycle of Change September 2021
Child in Need  
Child in Need Plans and Reviews Link June 2020
Financial Assistance Section 17 (s17) Children Act 1989 Link June 2020
Family Group Conferences  
Introduction to Family Group Conference Service April 2020
FGC Process April 2020
FGC A5 Leaflet for Families April 2020
FGC A5 YP Information Leaflet April 2020
Process for Restorative Conference April 2020
Restorative Conference Information April 2020
Complaints, Whistleblowing and Escalation  
Children & Family Services Annual Complaints Report 2019-20 April 2021
Children and Family Services Complaints June 2021
Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure June 2021


Title: When Inserted:
C&YP Child Protection Consultation Form October 2016
CE Procedures and Guidance December 2020 December 2020
Criminal Exploitation & County Lines - Toolkit for working with C&YP December 2017
Wizard Working Tool January 2017
Life Journey  
All About Me (AAM) - Older Children (Whole Book) October 2016
AAM p.1 Title Page November 2016
AAM p.2 This is Me Photo November 2016
AAM p.3 Describing Myself November 2016
AAM p.4 My Favourites November 2016
AAM p.5 Things I Don't Like November 2016
AAM p.6 My Health November 2016
AAM p.7 What I Believe November 2016
AAM p.8 School Days November 2016
AAM p.9 Things That Make Me Feel... November 2016
AAM p.10 More About Me November 2016
AAM p.11 Words That Describe Me November 2016
AAM p.12 What I Did For My Birthday November 2016
AAM p.13 My Foster Family November 2016
AAM p.14 The Day You Came To Our Family November 2016
AAM p.15 My Wishes November 2016
AAM p.16 My Family Stars November 2016
AAM p.17 My Family Stars - Extra Stars to Cut Out November 2016
AAM p.18 My Birth Details November 2016
AAM p.19 Birth Certificate Page November 2016
AAM p.20 When I was Born November 2016
AAM p.21 Childhood Milestones November 2016
AAM p.22 The Parenting Wall November 2016
AAM p.23 The Parenting Wall pt. 2 November 2016
AAM p.24 Why Did I Come Into Foster Care November 2016
AAM p.25 My Thoughts About My Family November 2016
AAM p.26 Dear Mum November 2016
AAM p.27 Dear Dad November 2016
AAM p.28 Someone I Lived With That is Important To Me November 2016
AAM p.29 My Memories From My Teen Years November 2016
AAM p.30 My Memories From Age 10 to 12 November 2016
AAM p.31 My Memories From Age 7 to 9 November 2016
AAM p.32 My Memories From Age 4 to 6 November 2016
AAM p.33 My Memories From Age 0 to 3 November 2016
AAM p.34 If I Could Change One Thing... November 2016
AAM p.35 My Future Plans November 2016
AAM p.36 Photo Page November 2016
Title: When Inserted:
West Berkshire LAC Sufficiency Strategy October 2018
Children becoming looked after - Viability Checklist March 2022
Permanency Planning Processes (for children/young people aged 15 and under) September 2021
Advocacy, Participation and Corporate Parenting  
Participation and Engagement Strategy October 2018
Responding to Children in Care Protocol 2021 June 2021
Looked After Children Strategy October 2018
Children in Care - The Pledge 2021 September 2021
Children in Care Information Booklet 2021 September 2021
Children in Care Extra Info 2021 August 2021
Children in Care Useful Contacts List 2021 August 2021
Advocacy Protocol October 2018
Terms of Reference 16+ and Care Leavers Life Chances Team August 2018
Placements and Reviews  
Agreement to accommodate a child in an unregulated placement March 2020
Practice Guidance for Post 18 CIC Reviews 2020 November 2020
Practice Guidance for Post 18 CIC Reviews 2020 (young person copy) November 2020
International Kinship Care Guide November 2020 December 2020
Template Letter from HoS authorising holiday July 2019
Passport Application Process for Looked After Children October 2018
Secure Welfare Placements - Co-ordination Unit Update January 2019 January 2019
CIC Alternative Provision 2020 October 2020
CIC Careers Guidance and Work Experience 2020 October 2020
CIC6 Pupil Premium Plus Policy 2020 October 2020
Virtual School Beginners Guide to ePEP 2020 October 2020
Health and Wellbeing  
Health Passports for our Children in Care October 2018
Health Policy & Guidance for Children in Care October 2020
Health Mental Health and Well-Being Procedures Children in Care October 2018
Request for a Child in Care Health Assessment Review October 2018
Leaving Care and Transition  
Care Leavers Handbook 2020 - Part 1 January 2021
Care Leavers Handbook 2020 - Part 2 January 2021
Independent Living Handbook 2020 - Part 1 January 2021
Independent Living Handbook 2020 - Part 2 January 2021
“Staying Put” Protocol - IFA October 2018
Staying Put Agreement Form August 2021
License Agreement - Staying Put October 2018
Accommodation Suitability Agreement October 2018
Setting Up Home Allowances October 2018
Title: When Inserted:
Recruitment and Selection Management  
Agency Social Worker Recruitment Procedure To be reviewed
Agency Worker Request - Commissioning Form/Information October 2019
EC Form Process October 2021
Recruitment Flow Chart for Managers October 2019
Recruitment & Retention and Leave Policy Social Workers C&FS 2019 October 2019
South East Region Agency Children's Social Worker Standard Reference Request Form October 2016
Guidance for Managers  
Missing Children - TVP CSC Joint Protocol 2018 March 2018
User Manual: Heales Occupational Health Services Managers Portal November 2017
Non-Compliance with Court Directions Procedure December 2016
Professional Conflicts Resolution Process October 2016
Role of ADM - change of plan away from adoption October 2019 April 2020
Scheme of Delegation February 2020
Social Work Workforce Development Strategy  February 2017
Terms of Reference for Legal Tracking Panel October 2016
Terms of Reference for Permanence Tracking Meetings October 2016
Transfer Policy November 2021
Appendix 1: Supervision Agreement October 2018
Appendix 2: Personal Supervision Record October 2018
Appendix 3: Case Supervision Record October 2018
Appendix 4: Post-Registration Training and Learning Record October 2018
Appendix 5: Senior Management Supervision Audit Tool October 2018
Audit Process Diagram November 2020
CP Issues Resolution Flowchart (SW Teams) November 2020
Family Placement Foster Carer File Audit Template November 2020
IRO Issues Resolution Flowchart CIC November 2020
IRO Issue Resolution Flowchart Post 18 Pathway Plan Reviews November 2020
Practice Observation Template December 2020
Practice Standards for Conference Chairs and IRO’s October 2018
QAAS Criteria for Issues Resolution November 2020
QAAS Post 18 Pathway Plan Issues Resolution Process November 2020
WB QA Framework June 2021
WB C&FS Audit Framework June 2021
WB C&FS Full Case File Learning Audit Template November 2020
Title: When Inserted:
Assessment Consent Form October 2020
Accommodation and Resources Panel Request Form April 2022
Accommodation and Resources Panel Plan Post 18 Form August 2020
Blank Notification Form to Other LA re WB Child January 2017
CCG Funding Form January 2018
Child Exploitation Indicator and Analysis Tool (Pan Berks) August 2020
Child Exploitation Risk Indicator Guide (Pan Berks) August 2020
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) August 2020
CoramBAAF Form PH April 2017
COVID 19 Risk assessment for Direct Family Time - Contact July 2020
Interim Recording Process FSM November 2017
Intervention Programme Modules Template November 2017
Intervention Summary - Recovery & Mental Health Worker Template November 2017
Worker Intervention Summary Template November 2017
Child in Care Offending Notification Form June 2018
Legal Planning Consultation Form January 2019
Need to Know Form January 2022
Need to Know Guidelines V.5 January 2018
Need To Know System Checklist (Appendix A) October 2016
Notification to Head of Service that consideration is being given to OAA April 2018
Offsite Activity Medical & Consent Form February 2017
PAM Referral Form April 2018
PAM - Guidance/Outline of Process April 2018
PAM Procedure letter for social worker April 2018
PAM Medical History Form April 2018
Parenting Assessment Template January 2020
Placement - Template for Placement with parent agreement July 2018
Supervised Contact Agreement February 2017
Family Time Risk Assessment Form September 2020
TB New Entrant Screening Form October 2018
TVP Partner Agency Intel Submissions Form January 2021
Transfer Agenda Template October 2021
Transfer File Audit Form September 2020
Viability Assessment Initial Questionnaire Template August 2017
Referral Forms  
DAS (A2 Dominion) Referral Assessment Form December 2019
DCT - Outreach Referral Form February 2019
FGM Risk Assessment Tool October 2016
Modern Slavery Factsheet and Reporting Flow Chart October 2016
National Referral Mechanism (NRM) and MS1/Duty to Notify Process February 2017
Child Protection Medical Examination Referral Form January 2021
WB Prevent Safeguarding Referral Pathway July 2020
Recovery Toolkit Referral Form April 2019
Transition Referral Form November 2017
West of Berkshire LSCBs FGM Toolkit October 2016
Young Carers - Link to Online Referral Form September 2021
Title: When Inserted:
Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Violence Advice August 2018
Setting Up Home Checklist October 2016
Emotional Health Academy Flyer  January 2019
Entitlement for Care Leavers Leaflet April 2016
Initial Contact Info Sheet November 2016
MASH Business Process January 2020
MASH Paper updated January 2018 January 2018
Prevention of Parental Abduction Guidance December 2016
SHIP Information Sheet for Young People January 2018
SHIP Information Sheet for Parents January 2018
The Edge Leaflet March 2022
Letter to parents when agreeing Section 20 October 2020
What to Expect - Contact Arrangements Information for Parents October 2020
What to Expect - Making a Complaint October 2020
What to Expect - PLO Information for Parents October 2020
What to Expect - Section 20 a guidance note for children and parents October 2020
What to Expect - Single Assessment Information for Parents October 2020
What to Expect - Supervised Contact Information for Parents October 2020
What to Expect - Written Agreements Information for Parents October 2020
Family Information Service Directory June 2016
Worried about your child being criminally exploited - english June 2018
Worried about your child being criminally exploited - arabic June 2018
Worried about your child being criminally exploited - bengali June 2018
Worried about your child being criminally exploited - polish June 2018
Worried about your child being criminally exploited - portuguese June 2018
Worried about your child being criminally exploited - somali June 2018
Title: When Inserted:
EDT Protocol September 2021
Title: When Inserted: